SkinScan  Digital Dermatoscopy

This is the modular system for dermatologic diagnostics that gets to the point.
The concept is to stay simple. Custom components are used and combined.
This principle works with Dermatoscope D10 (left) as well as DermoGenius (right) and Delta20 (below) 

malignant melanoma 
superficial spreading type

 adapter for Delta 20 is NEW ! 
  • a custom digital photocamera you would buy for your leisure time photography with high resolution (Nikon Coolpix) . 
  • The cheapest source for a digital camera we found to be or your national branch 
  • your favourite diagnostic tool that you use day by day in your office for dermatologic examination: the Dermatoscope Delta 10 or Delta 20 (  
  • our SkinScan Adapter (TM) that couples both 
  • use your personal computer in your office or at home for picture processing 
  • click our  album 1 or album2   link with more sample images for your inspiration
  • see the new comparative study of those dermatoscopes that suit the adapter
    What you get is an accurate documentation of your patient´s skin conditions
    including digital dermatoscopy for surveillance or for pre- and post-therapy demonstration 
    with low cost storage option e.g. on CD-ROM.

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  • useful downloads for you:
  • if you are searching for a simple screenshot tool: here is one for you: ssshot.exe
    schematic body.jpg  map 
    for nevus localization 
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